Therapy Spanking

Most definitely!

The Submission of Elle

I’m not talking about Domestic Discipline, Take in Hand, punishment, or an erotic prelude. I’m talking about spanking as a means of catharsis, healing, and stress relief.

Last week I received a spanking that helped me connect and center myself. It calmed me and put my mind at ease. It had nothing to do with showing me who’s in charge, correcting an action, or as a start to some playtime. The spanking was a way for us to draw closer on a primal level. We often ignore that side of ourselves and label it dark and dirty. Your primal self doesn’t mean evil and it doesn’t mean uncivilized, either. Your primal instincts are purely about feelings on the most basic level and not disguising all of your feelings with years of layers designed to keep people from seeing your core. The problem occurs when we cannot even see our own…

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Love this!


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Number 10

Reassurance that you don’t look fat in that outfit.
(or any outfit thereafter)

Number 9

Change the flat tire.

Number 8

So we have something to complain about during coffee with our friends.

Number 7

Move the furniture, then move it again.

Number 6

When you’re thirsty and want to have a drink, you know there will be someone at the bar to talk to.
(Whether you want to or not!)

manincigar copy

Number 5

Zip up those last three inches at the back of your dress.

Number 4

Warm hugs (especially on a cold night).

warm hug

Number 3

Long, delicious, sensuous kisses, whispered promises, blindfolds, ropes and collars.
Hot hands when we’re good,
even hotter when we’re not.

(Number 3, many reasons, but they all just add up to one when think about it!)

Number 2

Finally saying…
“Yes, you may!”


At 3 am,

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unforgivable, I am

serenity through submission

Disagreements? Miscommunications? Arguments?

I think this is a part of every relationship, D/s or otherwise (please tell me yes!  Please do not say that now that you’re D/s these things don’t occur! I’m fragile right now, people!).  The difference with D/s is the way that you handle them.  Correct?

So then what happens when you handle them with vanilla?  Gasp!

And then what happens when your Sir also responds in a vanilla way?

Nothing good, that’s for sure.  Probably a lot of tears out of you, probably a lot of apologizing from your Sir.  Things are worked out, talked through, you are moving on. You have a great scene with lots of quality crop time, you feel better. Until you wake up.

When you wake up, little sub, you feel like shit.  You feel undeserving and too needy and just not enough.  Maybe you take off your necklace because you don’t feel worthy enough to…

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